News · 2020-07-13

Meet our new Global Sustainability Manager, Hanna Hallin

Sustainability is an integral part of everything we do at Treadler and the vehicle to achieve playing an active role in future proofing the fashion industry.  We are thrilled to welcome Hanna Hallin on-board as our new Global Sustainability Manager and took the chance to ask her about Treadler’s role in accelerating sustainable change and how we best can navigate the situation our industry is in right now.

How do you believe Treadler can accelerate sustainable change in the industry?

I see Treadler as an enabler for any apparel buyer to embark on an important and inspiring sustainability journey beyond compliance. We help clients overcome initial business barriers by providing access to the supply chain of the H&M Group – similar to what the group’s in-house brands benefit from. This includes close and transparent collaboration with suppliers, a strong local presence, over 70 years of experience and significant investments in a more sustainable supply chain, with an ambitious sustainability agenda today and moving forward.

From a sustainability perspective, what will be key focus areas as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 has had devastating effects on people and their livelihoods, disrupted supply chains and deepened inequalities, whilst at the same time we continue to face a global climate emergency with irreversible effects for people and all the natural systems we depend on. In navigating this crisis we see sustainability expectations increasing from customers, who look for more meaningful connections.

In order to meet these expectations, I believe that stronger collaboration across the industry will be key. Strategic collaborations with suppliers has been important to protect livelihoods, and by sharing experiences, being transparent and collaborating with peers to find solutions, I see Treadler playing an important role to help future proof our industry. With the challenges our industry is facing, we can only win together.



At H&M Group Hanna has a 7+ years’ experience in sustainability, having been Sustainability Manager for Greater China, acting Global Social Sustainability Manager as well as Global Strategy Lead for Transparency, and most recently joining the group’s new B2B initiative Treadler as Global Sustainability Manager. Before joining H&M Group Hanna Hallin held leading positions in Swedish civil society and NGOs, including being Executive Director for the research think tank Sektor3.

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