News · 2020-10-01

Supplier Story: Jacky Tsang, Managing Director and Shareholder, Dakota

The long-term partnerships H&M Group has with its suppliers is a key element to the Treadler service.

On that topic, we talked to Jacky Tsang to understand the supplier perspective on how Treadler can benefit them in the future.

What are the challenges in getting the fashion industry to shift more quickly to more sustainable practices? How has Covid-19 had an impact?  

There are a lot of stakeholders along the supply chain constantly questioning whether the customer is willing to pay premium for sustainable products or will we reach the possibility to produce sustainably at scale. There is a lot of investment required to have more sustainable operations, ranging social sustainability such as working conditions to environmental sustainability such as chemical management, emissions, water treatment and so on. Measurements and systems are constantly getting more advanced, so you need to invest to stay up to date.    

Covid-19: have created a lot of uncertainty, but with challenge comes opportunity. Brands and customers are becoming more aware of sustainability and adapting accordingly. This can be a catalyst for more sustainable prioritizations.  

Have your sustainability practices improved since working with H&M Group? Did H&M Group support you? 

A lot, we have been in the business for more than 30 years, beginning with my uncle and father founding our first factory. After working with H&M Group we have had changes on all levels to be more sustainable. There has been a clear strategic direction from the group on how to reach more sustainable operations and they have facilitated that process for usThere has been a focus on clear guidelines and supplier agreements, and since we want to measure or work, that has been very helpful.   

What is your experience with Treadler so far?  

Treadler is very open for new ideas and willing to explore new areas together. We  listen to each other and share information, which is always valuable. Most recently we have been working together on 3D sampling which is highly relevant.  

What is the biggest benefit of Treadler to you, as a supplier? 

It’s still earl dayshowever it’s a smart business model. Leveraging H&M Group’s sustainability investments and bringing that to scale will benefit us, customers and the society. We are excited and have high hopes for the future!  

Do you believe more fashion brands should work with Treadler? If so, why?  

Yes, the combination of H&M Group’s supply chain and the knowledge accumulated over the years would especially benefit the brands that don’t have that investments to make or the experience. Treadler can help them reach a high level of sustainable operations faster than they can on their own. 

Do you believe Treadler is important in helping to scale more sustainable production in fashion? 

Definitely. Treadler is a real game-changer aiming to facilitate sustainable operations for the industry. As it is not easy and requires a lot of investments, Treadler is not only doing “the right thing” but also helping the industry through a valuable service.  

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