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Supplier Story: Miran Ali Managing Director Tarasima Apparels

Supplier Story: Miran Ali Managing Director Tarasima Apparels

The long-term partnerships H&M Group has with its suppliers is a key element to the Treadler service.

On that topic, we talked to Miran Ali to understand the supplier perspective on how Treadler can benefit them in the future.

What are the challenges in getting the fashion industry to shift more quickly to more sustainable practices?

There is no definition of what it means to be more sustainable and I believe the Higg Index is the only game in town that can help solve that. Since the H&M Group is so involved in Higg Index, together with us suppliers, Treadler could be a vessel to implement the Higg Index for client brands on a facility level to begin with. There is an audit fatigue in the industry, and instead of having different players reinvent the wheel, let’s all come together and implement a tool that works.

As a supplier, what opportunity do you see with Treadler?

I view Treadler as a service that can benefit suppliers in mainly three ways; being the partner that facilitates the interaction with new brands in different sizes from new markets, while at the same time being a partner that represents several brands and thereby streamlining our work. Treadler can also be a service that scales sustainable supply chain practices for brands that have not yet made that shift.

Do you believe more fashion brands should work with Treadler? If so, why?

Since H&M Group’s supply chain is so organized and transparent, due to the work that has been put in over the years, Treadler has the possibility to offer a combination of more sustainable practices and business efficiency. This will be a great opportunity for brands that have not yet made a sustainability commitment, to do that and make a change.

How have your sustainability practices improved since working with H&M Group? How did H&M Group support you?

I have worked with H&M Group for 21 years, from the very first code of conduct and audits, so there has definitely been ups and downs and a lot of shared learnings. Throughout this process, H&M Group has revised the requirements continuously, for example it started with fire escapes and now we are working toward self-sufficient suppliers. There has been guidance from H&M Group with constant dialogue throughout this entire process, the solutions have been created together with us suppliers to bring the factories to the level they are today. When Treadler offers its services, it is also tapping into those decades of shared learnings.

Background on Miran Ali and Tarasima Apparels: 

Miran Ali has been the Managing Director of Tarasima Apparels, part of his family business Bitopi Group, for 14 years. Tarasima Apparels is the highest rated LEED Platinum factory in the world in the category of LEED O+M: Existing Building. Other engagements include: Director at The RMG Sustainability Council (RSC); Director at Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association, as well as Managing Director of Bitopi Group. Miran has worked with H&M Group for 21 years, from the first audit to the journey that has been made to reach the level of sustainability H&M Group and Tarasima is at today.

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