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WWF & Treadler webinar #2: Biodiversity

WWF & Treadler Webinar #2: Biodiversity

In parallel with the global climate crisis, we face a biodiversity crisis, with average wildlife populations declining by 68% in just the last 50 years. To turn the tremendous negative impact of humankind around before 2030 we all need to collaborate in new ways. H&M Group and WWF are committed to work together on high impact projects in key landscapes, learn together and share with others best practices supporting nature on a path to recovery.

The biodiversity stream of the H&M Group and WWF partnership considers value chain impact, collaboration to protect and restore critical habitats and leadership across the fashion industry and beyond to scale up action for nature.

Treadler (B2B initiative by H&M Group) and WWF are co-hosting a three part webinar series on the themes climate, biodiversity and water. Each session will cover tangible steps to take to implement responsible practices and goals in the supply chain, challenges to overcome and available solutions and tools for our industry. The second webinar will focus on biodiversity and why companies need to implement strategies to reduce their impact on biodiversity and where to begin.


Moderator: Hanan Hallin, Treadler

H&M Group: Jennie Granström, Business Expert biodiversity, animal welfare and material ethics

WWF: Jaco Du Toit, Biodiversity and Policy Coordinator

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