What we do

Scaling sustainable supply chain services

H&M Group is a family of brands and businesses within fashion and design, committed to make great design accessible to everybody and to lead the way towards a more sustainable world.
Treadler is part of H&M Group and our clients will be able to utilise H&M Group's backbone asset - its supply chain - to overcome initial business barriers and accelerate sustainable change.

Treadler is an end to end supply chain service; from product development to logistics. As part of the offer Treadler tailors a supply chain strategy, to accommodate an optimised production based on the need of each client.

Full Range

All product ranges covered


Prioritised across every link of the chain due to our size and presence


Compliance and best practice testing from more than 70 markets

On Time

Commited to delivering 95% on time


Optimisation across 16 production offices and ~1,400 supplier factories


100% transparency across production

The treadle is the part of the sewing machine that regulates speed. Similar to this, Treadler aims to help its clients to accelerate sustainable production in an efficient way.
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Sustainable operations can generate sustainable profit, but the organisational changes and the upfront investment required create barriers for companies to progress. Treadler aims to help clients move beyond those business barriers and accelerate change by accessing the unique global supply chain of H&M Group.

Treadler aims to play an active role in future proofing the fashion industry by enabling clients to propel their sustainable growth by utilising some of the group’s core assets.