Why we do it

A more sustainable fashion future

The challenges the fashion industry is facing are significant, especially when it comes to producing in a more sustainable way.
To be able to provide sustainable fashion, for present and future generations, in a world with growing populations, finite resources and climate challenges, change is necessary.
By offering access to H&M Group's supply chain to other companies we can work towards a more sustainable fashion future together. Creating a win-win-win-win for Treadler's clients, suppliers, H&M Group and the wider society.

Treadler is part of H&M Group's vision to use the group's size and scale for good and to lead the change toward a more sustainable fashion future.
To accelerate the change needed in our industry, Treadler's service will bring clients up to speed and scale sustainable supply chain services from product development to logistics.

of young consumers today believe companies have a responsibility to address environment and social issues.

McKinsey Industry report “The State of Fashion” 2019

of consumers plan to switch brands if another brand acts more sustainably.

The Global Fashion Agenda Pulse Report 2019